The unique vineyards of Sonoma County cannot easily be described. From the southern tip of Sonoma to the northern most part of Alexander Valley, Sonoma County offers the greatest variety of high quality wines. It is considered one of the most prestigious growing regions in the world and we take great pride in that. As grape growers we are blessed to be able to cultivate vines in Sonoma, where the soils and micro climates offer distinct fruit characteristics. The Mediterranean climate gives the vines that perfect combination of heat and cold without major extremes.

The annual journey of a grapevine consists of a roughly 170 day growing season, starting with bud break in the spring and ending with the beautiful yellow and red leaves falling in the autumn. As winter pushes the vines to shut down and go into dormancy through the cold months, the small window allowed for cultural practices puts a huge strain on the resources of grape growers. It is our job to take into consideration the effects of weather, and how it affects the development of the vine through bud break, bloom, fruit set, verasion and harvest. At each stage, different cultural practices are required some of which include pruning, mowing, discing, suckering, thinning and pest and disease management followed by harvest.

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All of the vineyards we manage are sustainably farmed, and I am proud to be able to say that. We are strong supporters of fish friendly farming. We farm vineyards of all shapes and sizes. With all the different farming techniques and practices that we implement, it is essential that we are able to preserve the ground that is giving us our livelihood. Since sustainability is such a heavily-used term, I want to share what it means to us. We have been farming our whole lives. It is a tradition and a great responsibility that has been passed down through generations. There have been thousands of different techniques used since the inception of grape growing, and it is something that needs to continue to be improved upon. It is our responsibility to help educate those who express interest in our trade and it is imperative that our community understand what we do. In showing others our passion and commitment to our ground, we hope to help people gain a better understanding. In today’s world, reducing our environmental impact is critical to long term success. Without everyone acknowledging their outputs, it is hard to improve upon. This is why we are upgrading tractors and equipment to better accommodate emissions and usage needs. Monitoring our water usage on a per vine basis and learning about different technologies has helped reduce the amount of water that travels below the root zone. These are just a few of the things we are doing to reduce our environmental impact. In order to implement these adapting practices, we continue to aggressively monitor our budgets and ensure that we will be able to continue doing what it is we truly love.

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